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“With BridgeMaker we want to empower corporations to push the boundaries of innovation and actively reinvent themselves. Joint company building is the best way to achieve this.”

Henrike Luszick, Founder & CEO
“BridgeMaker is about connecting the agility and speed of the start-up world to the market power of hidden champions and tech leaders. Only together can we build the European tech giants of tomorrow.”

Wanja S. Oberhof, Founder & Managing Partner
“BridgeMaker is about connecting bold thinking and new digital technologies to business models in the B2B word. We thrive, when we can generate customer value through deep tech.”

Marek Spak, Founder & CTO

BRIDGEMAKER is a company builder partnering with corporates and market leaders. Following our structured innovation framework, we use a customer centric design approach focusing on new technologies and innovation. Tailored to your needs, we offer two separate entry points: INNOVATION SERVICES and VENTURE CREATION


Our Products

Innovation Services

New business ideas from experienced entrepreneuers.

  • Cluster Analysis & IDea Generation

    • Analysis of relevant trend clusters
    • Generation of business ideas based on technology trends
  • Idea Check

    • Analysis of idea & market environment
    • Business Model generation 
  • Concept & Prototyping

    • Testing value propositions with potential customers
    • Development of detailed implementation plan

Venture Creation

We are your one-stop solution for building new ventures.

  • Founder Recruiting

    • Evaluation of necessary job functions and roles
    • Screening and recruiting of suitable candidates
  • Launch to market

    • Setup of basic startup infrastructure
    • Development and launch of first MVP
  • COmpany Growth

    • Hands-on expert support during growth stages
    • Providing a broad network for scaling operations and sales

“Established firms that successfully built a strong market position in a disruptive technology were those that spun off from the mainstream company an independent, autonomously operated organization.”

M. Christensen, “The Innovator’s Dilemma”

Our portfolio

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