Human Resources

Maintain Your Company Culture Despite High Fluctuation? Let Your Employees do the Recruiting!

Many startups are struggling to stay true to their core team values due to high rates of fluctuation. Involving your team members in the recruiting process can help maintain a consistent, yet evolving company culture.

Victoria Schneider
March 27, 2018
Business Development

Two Powerful Instruments that can Turn Your Business into a Leading Innovator

A growing number of big corporations increasingly feel the pressure to innovate. However, complex company structures and complicated processes often don’t allow bigger sized companies to match the innovative capacity of young startups. So how can you prevent these emerging startups to make your company and its products obsolete one day? Which methods can help you create and launch a new innovative product or concept?

Alexander Hergt
March 27, 2018
Business Development

Corporate Innovation - The Struggle is Real

Imagine a corporation, operating for 50 years, employing hundreds of people, and making impressive revenue with, let’s say, milk pumps. Nowadays, advisors and newspapers tell the board of the factory about new threats to their status quo and that they have to reinvent themselves, rather quickly.

Stefanie Ast
January 26, 2018

The Matter of Design - Why focusing on visual communication is a smart way to enrich your marketing strategy

Recent brain scan studies reveal that the sight of something we find attractive instinctively activates the area of our cerebrum responsible for the hand movement. Beauty triggers action, but is visual communication something to invest in as a core component of our marketing strategy?

Barbara Orsingher
January 26, 2018
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