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Founder and expert in digital energy trading creates automated estimations and a trading platform for decentralized energy production by intelligent usage of different data pools

Established energy vendor and grid operator with the goal to get closer to the customer on a longterm perspective by offering innovative access tools


Intelligent Management & Trading Tools for Renewable Energies


Leading infrastructure insurance company with the target of measuring structural risks faster and more efficient in global competition

Team of engeneers develops competitive sensor for automated measurement of structural data for an improved evaluation of risks


Automated Sensor Measuring for optimised Risk evaluation


Bank with focus on real estate financing wants to strengthen it‘s position as an intermediary and financing partner in real estate segment

Ambitious team digital marketing and management platform for real estate, to accompany real estate owners with networked offerings around their property


Networked Marketing and Management Platform for Real Estate Property


Global retail and wholesale chain with a wide product range and good market penetration with the goal to defend and and increase it‘s market position through targeted digital channels

Creation of a digital sourcing platform for hotels and gastronomy to directly offer specific products and where quotes can be sourced and compared centraly


Digital Sourcing Platform for Hotels and Gastronomy


We are builders


We believe in focussing on core customer problems and solving them in innovative ways, with the help of digital technologies, an entrepreneurial mindset and revolutionary thinking


With our in-house assets, we are able to validate hypotheses and ideas quickly. Methods like Google Design Sprints help us to develop, test and optimize minimum viable products.  Together with the founders we form them into proper business models


Together with corporates and entrepreneurs, we co-found new startups, invest actively and support the first steps with our execution power and network. Furthermore we guide and support the start-up every step of the way


In order to build sustainable start-ups, BridgeMaker  provides office space, shared services and a comprehensive company building framework to leverage entrepreneurial drive of the founding team