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Bridgemaker blends the advantages of corporate resources with a vivacious mindset to strengthen the competitiveness of traditional businesses via disruptive company building.

This is why we make the difference in the market:

Extensive Ideation

We analyze the trends, generate and validate ideas, test out mock-ups and prototypes and build a business case.

All-around Services

We assist our new ventures with fund-raising, branding, marketing, sales, design, IT and operations.

In-depth expertise

We know what we are doing in very different fields and provide the right tools and professionals for every project.

Startup Agility

We combine the fast rhythm of a startup environment with the efficiency of strategic consulting.

International Team

We are a variegate team of young and ambitious entrepreneurs with different backgrounds but with the same vision.

Valid Partnership

We built a strong network of investors, experts and references from multiple industries.


Coming up with brand-new ideas might seem difficult, especially when working in an organization for a longer time. Bridgemaker provides you with an outside perspective and the right-toolset to ideate, check and formulate promising entrepreneurial opportunities.

& Conception

Validating entrepreneurial opportunities is about customer centric thinking and early prototype interaction. Bridgemaker’s iterative approach validates opportunities from a quantitative and qualitative perspective and conceptualizes the product, resulting in a functional and scalable MVP.


Founding a startup and launching the first product or service is exciting. But there are countless of details that determine success or failure. Bridgemaker provides you with a both structured and flexible approach to setup the right infrastructure. We help you to get the right people on board, including the founding members and crucial first employees. With a joint team packed with expertise and commitment, we develop the MVP into a product.


Especially in the starting period of a venture creation, a fast execution and scaling of operations as well as the development of the product are key factors. Bridgemaker’s entrepreneurial-driven development teams maximize the growth potential of early-stage startups and are professionals in pivoting and implementing new growth opportunities into mature players.

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