Your digital guide through the labels and packaging jungle

Your digital guide through the labels and packaging jungle

Your digital guide through the labels and packaging jungle

“With Palamo, we were able to create a world-class print experience for our customers within the first year. This leads to a strong brand and high retention rates”

Sebastian Esser, Partner

Customer retention is king –– to the industry’s branding throne in one year

The label and packaging industry is facing disruptive changes. Being a mainly analog market (and complex and confusing at that), it lacked innovation and customer involvement. With All4Labels, one of the world’s leading label and packaging manufacturers and a pioneer in digital printing solutions, we were able to change this approach.

One of the major problems customers were facing until then were large minimum order quantities  –– which are out of the question for startups and smaller companies. Another difficulty was that customers had to source their whole packaging solution from labels to product and shipping packaging from multiple vendors.

Our biggest challenges in building Palamo was procuring the best product portfolio and synchronizing orders and production. The advantages of working with a company builder like Bridgemaker became particularly clear here. We bring flexibility and execution from day one. To avoid any kind of delay, we are completely flexible, depending on the requirements of the phase our venture is in. We focus on results and share risks.

So from early on, the unique combination of our approach and All4Labels’s assets was rewarded with revenue, high customer loyalty (keyword: customer retention) and a strong brand that can compete with other market players that have been in the business for 5-10 years. However, it was clear to us from the outset that we would not focus solely on building up our own ventures. Rather, we wanted to share synergies with other market players –– which is how the acquisition of our competitor Labelprint24 came about in Palamo’s very first year.

Up to date, Palamo has a strong team and is largely independent. We have one of the best online experiences of our class, attractive growth rates and a particularly powerful brand that is one of the top performers in our industry.