Bridgemaker supports WorkSpex towards their vision of a data-driven HR. Together, we are building a scalable, real-time SaaS solution for medium to large-sized businesses.

June 2017

WorkSpex with product management guidance, IT-development, expert HR input and our extensive investor network. Together, we are building a scalable SaaS solution for medium to large-sized businesses.

What is Goodnity?

Goodnity is a digital HR consultant for future-oriented medium to large-sized companies. It provides a tool for employers and HR managers to better monitor and understand the employee satisfaction and retention in their company. In addition, it offers AI-based suggestions to solve cases of employee dissatisfaction.

How does it work:

Employees can anonymously answer questions on a daily basis through the Goodnity-App. A special incentive for them (apart from being able to give feedback to their supervisors): For every question answered, the employer donates a certain amount of money to a social project chosen by the employee. Goodnity then uses the data to create real-time reports on the employee satisfaction. Critical responses receive follow-up questionnaires to identify the cause of the problem. HR-Managers get AI-based suggestions for effective troubleshooting, ranked according to their effectiveness.

Company Building Process:

Even though there was no corporate partner involved in the company building with WorkSpex, the process resembles our typical workflow during a company building project:

Having already completed the ideation phase, the founders of WorkSpex contacted Bridgemaker. After a thorough evaluation of their concept for Goodnity, our venture developers saw great potential and agreed to support the founders with Bridgemaker's start-up expertise and extensive network.

- Conception Phase

While the basic product concept already existed, we helped the founding team to integrate the concept into a clear product roadmap. With joint forces, Bridgemaker and the WorkSpex founders defined the product and kicked off the development phase with Bridgemaker Tech. Bridgemaker further provided consultancy, IT/product development and legal advice to work towards a fast product implementation.

- Incubation Phase

Our infrastructure including office space and continuous support in accounting, reporting, and payroll allowed the WorkSpex team to focus on their product and customers without having to worry about tedious secondary tasks. Bridgemaker’s investor network provided the venture with sufficient liquidity to promote the important go-to-market phase.

- Growth Phase

Goodnity is now aiming at a fast growth by increasing its customer base of  future-oriented medium to large-sized companies. Bridgemaker continues to offer assistance with a joint sales approach and by setting up efficient marketing funnels.

For more information on WorkSpex and Goodnity please visit their website or contact us at to learn more about how we can help you start an exciting project with us.

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