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Our Vision.
Our Mission.

Be a Bridgemaker, be inspiring, be inventive and open-minded. Build on courage, curiosity and intellectual freedom.
Build lighthouses for a golden economy.
Bridgemaker and their partners see it as their purpose to build companies and initiatives guiding the world towards an economy based on justice, profitability and social sustainability.

Bridgemaker's Origins

Our History

The world is taking huge leaps towards a digital and data-driven age. For many corporates however, it is hard to keep up with the speed and flexibility of young startups when it comes to this transition process. Having experienced both sides of the table, as a consultant for large corporations and entrepreneur, Bridgemaker CEO Henrike Luszick had the idea to combine the two worlds. She wanted to bridge the gap between corporate thinking and startup velocity. The result was Bridgemaker, a B2B company builder that supports corporates to establish a sustainable entrepreneurship to be able to maintain a leading position in their respective markets against new entrants. Founded in early spring of 2016, Bridgemaker grew fast in Berlin’s dynamic startup culture. Henrike made use of her extensive network to team up with young entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, but with the common idea of creating a golden economy. Deutsche Invest Equity Partners and the WAOW Group supported her vision and enabled Bridgemaker to become a trailblazer in disruptive corporate innovation.

Who We Are

Our Team

We are passionate problem solvers who love challenges.

Henrike Luszick
Founder & CEO

Henrike does it all: running, hiking, skiing. Born in Hannover she studied in Bergen, Kiel and Hangzhou. If you plan on having lunch with her, beware: she clinks glasses every time before she has a sip.

Manuel Biermann
Venture Partner

Manuel studied in Aachen and Hong Kong. He enjoys cooking, playing tennis and surfing. He claims to have an afro when he doesn't use hair wax, but nobody knows.

Przemek Skiba

Przemek is from Miastko, Poland and studied in Poznań where he now lives. He is a real doer and spends most of his free time on DIY-projects. When on vacation he loves to go diving.

Stefanie Ast
Venture Partner

Stefanie has many talents including tennis, golf and photography. She studied in Rotterdam, Paris and Monaco. Looking for deep conversations about quantum philosophy? Stefanie is "your man!"

Thies Hofmann
Venture Partner

As a an industrial engineer with a passion for strategy, Thies loves to Develop & implement new business models for highly complex markets. He even found the time to walk from Europe to Asia once!

Timo Heinemann
Venture Partner

Timo likes it fast. He goes kiting, skiing and snowboarding. Born in Kiel he studied in his home town, Ghent and Hangzhou. Oh, and he also likes ironing.

Victoria Schneider
HR & Operations Manager

Victoria studied biology before discovering her passion for company building. Born in Frankfurt she studied in Göttingen and Munich. During her free time she likes to clear her mind by running.

Abdul-Salam Hagar
Venture Developer

Abdul grew up in Freiburg but he is a citizen of the world. He has lived in Turkey, India and Jordan. Look at his picture, he's obviously into portrait photography.

Barbara Orsingher

Barbara was born in the Italian Alps and lived the dream of studying in Venice. If you haven't already, you should definitely follow her on Instagram, just like Sean Paul does.

Diego Chávez Escobar
Venture Developer Tech

As a child his passion was to solve problems. Now with more tools his goal is to find the best solutions. Geek, gamer, bonsai artist, salsa dancer, chilean expat and a mountain infantry sergeant. So beware!

Jann Speyer
Venture Developer

Jann was born and raised in Stuttgart before studying in Munich and the US. After founding two companies in the event and real estate sector he joined Bridgemaker in Berlin. Sports enthusiast, outdoor geek.

Julian Philipp Nagel
Venture Developer

Julian is a real globetrotter having lived in Paris, New York and Copenhagen. He's passionate about playing the drums. When he studied in the US he had a full scholarship for playing soccer.

Alexander Hergt
Strategic Marketing Junior

Born and raised in Berlin, Alex has always been a sports enthusiast. He studied Business Administration and American Studies in Potsdam and Los Angeles after he almost became a professional skijumper.

Axel Kalisch
Venture Developer

Axel is an enthusiastic saxophonist and loves good food & wine (don't we all?). He was even accepted at a famous Berlin Art school before coming to his senses and joining Bridgemaker.

Jedrzej Sadowski
Frontend Developer

Jedrzej was born in Poznań and is a particularly brave soul (he studied theoretical math). Cooking and brewing are among his favorite hobbies. Na zdrowie!

Kaya Stemmer
Strategic Marketing Junior

After spending her childhood all over Europe, Kaya followed her roots to study in the small south bavarian city of Passau. She's a real musician playing the guitar, the saxophone, the flute or the violine.

Sebastian Bentele
Junior Venture Developer

Cat enthusiast Sebastian studied in Konstanz and spent half a year in Shanghai. He is a man of inner balance spending his free time either running or reading.

Tobias Gerdes
Junior Venture Developer

Tobias is a true little brother (his sister is 25 years older than him). Originally from Oldenburg he studied in Halle before stranding in Berlin. He stays in shape by going to the gym, playing soccer, surfing and diving.

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